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Client  & Colleague Testimonials – Career Consulting

Letter from Author of “A Taste For Work” and trail blazing pioneer in job clubs creation,
Joy Maguire-Dooley of Lisle Township Job Club:
Letter of Recommendation
Joy Maguire-Dooley, Director
Lisle, IL


Thank you so much for facilitating the roundtable yesterday!  Goal setting was a great topic to kick off the year and the attendees really enjoyed the mind mapping activity.  Feedback was great!  They unanimously thought you were wonderful with the topic and presented the information well.  The mind mapping was a great activity, and personally helped me get some thoughts down on paper to focus and strategize my one huge goal.

I look forward to talking with you again and hope to see you at other Chicago SHRM events!

Have a great afternoon!

K.K. Chicago SHRM Roundtable Organizer

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for over five years. As a Coach, Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and personable. Her insight into how you should market yourself as well as how to position yourself to be successful, no matter your field, is priceless. Jennifer’s years of experience in the coaching profession enables her to quickly hone in on the client’s vision and makes realistic recommendations based on her client’s needs. If you are looking for consultation in your personal and professional life, or to be motivated, inspired or energized, I would encourage you to strongly consider working with Jennifer.

Jennifer and I have co-taught a career course entitled “Enhancing Employability Skills for the Workplace” at DePaul University for five years. As a co-instructor, Jennifer demonstrates a high level of expertise. Jennifer has many resources and tools she provides to students whether it’s how to use social media in your job search, how to successfully navigate your network, or how to build a professional resume and cover letter. Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge which equips students with the career knowledge needed in their chosen field or as career changers. I would highly recommend Jennifer if you are looking for a knowledgeable and talented facilitator and presenter.”

Bernadine Thomas
Academic Advising, Career Coach, and Instructor
Heavener School of Business at University of Florida

“I just received the Spirit of Women and Action Award email and wanted to send you my sincere thanks! I feel incredibly honored that you nominated me because you are someone who always goes above and beyond in volunteering your time and guidance for others. I am constantly inspired by your creativity and kindness, it is a true pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for this honor!

I look forward to our continued partnership on future projects with Career Transitioners and SNL students.”

A.S. DePaul University, Chicago, IL

“It is rare to find a combination of strength in both creativity and organization, but Jennifer has both. She is an avid brainstormer and fast starter, but always brings the conversation back to actionable steps, organized paths for moving forward. She lives comfortably in the world of big ideas AND the minutia of detailed logistics that bring idea to action. In all of this, it seems she has flow and intuition, but I suspect she has all kinds of mind maps rolling that are invisible to the naked eye! In short, she is great at creating the atmosphere for very creative thought and vision, and can bring it into reality by thoughtful suggestive action planning.

I recommend her most highly as someone who will hold the sacred vows of coaching highly – confidentiality, positivity, and working for the betterment of the individual. She is an accomplished professional in many realms, but I would have to say that coaching is a natural talent, and work that brings her total joy – not just for herself, but for her clients.”

D.M. Las Vegas, NV

“Jennifer is a GREAT Career Coach. She is detail oriented, professional, has great writing skills and is very knowledgeable in her field of work. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a career coach.”

D.S. Greater Chicago Area, Illinois

“Jennifer has helped me to focus on my goals, and has shown me other opportunities that would assist me in following what it is I wanted to do. Her coaching is second to none, I would recommend her without reservation.”

M.W. Detroit, MI

“Jennifer gave my resume a much-needed overhaul that accentuated my professional experience creatively and effectively.”

Greater Chicago Area, Illinois

“Jennifer is a very professional and goal oriented career coach. Even though my contact with her was phone and email based, she responded in a very timely fashion every time, and made sure that I knew that she was available for help any time. She also provided me with invaluable advice and resources. I am very thankful that I got the chance to utilize her services.”

H.G. Greater Chicago Area, Illinois

Mentoring Activities & Presentations/Networking Events

Dear Jennifer: Thanks a lot for your ‘New Year, New You” sharing at Chicago SHRM roundtable. I enjoyed the exercise very much. I’d love to learn more from you.

Thank you very much! Hope to see you later.
C.C. – Workshop Attendee

Good Day Jennifer,

It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you last Friday. I found your comments on networking insightful. I also appreciate your comments you had around my desire to re-locate to London. Thank you for the time you spent sharing your knowledge.

R L Z – Workshop Attendee

We are extremely grateful for your willingness to share your time and knowledge with our students and alumni.

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) | DePaul University

Hello Jennifer, Hope this message finds you well. We met on Wednesday at the networking event at DePaul and I am very grateful for the advice you had to offer.

F. P. DePaul University Alumni

“Jennifer generously volunteers her time and life coaching expertise to help students and alumni of DePaul University achieve their goals. As an Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) mentor, she contributes valuable advice and encouragement on career exploration and employment strategies. As a repeat guest speaker at Career Center events, Jennifer inspires her audience to take action and build towards a successful future. Jennifer’s deep knowledge in career development and life coaching has been an invaluable addition to the ASK network. We are fortunate to have her expertise, guidance, and most of all her friendship.”

G. S. DePaul University

Many thanks to Jennifer for providing a stimulating topic and facilitating great group dynamics.

A.H. Workshop Attendee

When I was struggling, the power and dynamics of our group really kept my spirits alive and helped lead me to the great opportunity I have right now.  I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and support.

C.A. Workshop Attendee

I have enjoyed doing business with, but most importantly getting to know each one of you. You have all positively affected my life and I have been blessed to be a part of the group.

A.B. Workshop Attendee

Thank you for an excellent workshop presentation, Insider Tips for Career Transitioners on Wednesday May 9, 2012.  I learned so much from you and the panel. Your story is very compelling. I want to extend my thanks for your advice and suggestions.

D.B. Workshop Attendee


DePaul University Students
**Exploring Success Techniques for Enhancing Career Skills**

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted you to know that I got the job and am now working in Academic Affairs! I know that your class was instrumental in developing my resume as well as my confidence. I’d not interviewed in 11 years!!! Thanks so much!

S.B. DePaul University Student

RE: Landed a job that fits my niche

Jennifer, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your comments in my final project binder for our Enhancing Career Skills class. I found not only the comments, but class itself to be extremely beneficial in preparing me as I finish my undergrad degree at DePaul and prepare to enter the workforce again. The interviewing and 60 second commercial techniques will prepare me for networking and interviewing in the future! I have already used the information in my commercial to convey my career aspirations to others more effectively!

I appreciate the time you took to note suggestions on my resume as well. I am currently working towards updating them and putting it into a form which I can use for a LinkedIn profile.

Thank you so much for all your help this past quarter, this class was extremely impactful to me and gave me quite a bit of guidance and confidence as I begin my career search!
G. M. DePaul University student

“Thanks for your feedback and I enjoyed your class.”
K.C. DePaul University student

Thank you so much.
It’s been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been very supportive as a teacher and coach.

S.T. DePaul University student

Thank you so much !! You are a very inspiring teacher that gave me the faith to believe that I can do anything I want! Thank you for all you gave us!!
D.R. DePaul University student

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to thank you for all your help that you gave me over the course of last year after we made a connection. Your messages really opened up a whole new insight for me on how to approach finding a job that fits your niche. No matter how small or big, sometimes the smallest things that you can do to help someone can pay off big dividends for them.

R.G. DePaul University Student

Hi Jennifer, Thanks for all of your feedback, comments and suggestions!  I’m implementing some of these now.  I never thought about changing the color scheme on the page or adding a header.  I really enjoyed your class, it was informative and fun.  It truly helped me put more thought into the details of my presentation to employers.

Take care and thanks again!

I.H. DePaul University Student

Professor Weggeman, Probably the best class I have had, thank you so much.

M.P. DePaul University Student

Hi Jennifer, Hope all is well. Just dropping you a line to let you know that I just handed my “internal” functional resume to a colleague in a different dept, and he was quite impressed!

He was especially impressed with my Professional Summary.  He mentioned that he looks at a lot of resumes and mine was on point, no-fluff, precise, and no typos!

Your class really was inspiring, helpful, and much needed, even for an “old-pro” like me.  Lifelong learning continues!

R.C. DePaul University Student

It was a pleasure sharing my educational journey at DePaul with you.

M.J. DePaul University Student

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for the information and a great learning experience.

S.N.  DePaul University Student

Thank you so much for all of your direction and information. I learned much from this class! I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors!

Warmest Regards,
K. L. DePaul University Student

Thank you for connection allowing me to network with you!

I’d also like to say thank you for being patient with me and for all the encouragement!

Peace & Blessings!

W.P. DePaul University Student

Good Afternoon Jennifer,

I really enjoyed class last night. I was nervous about taking this class but I know I need to learn these skills.

Thank you, I truly enjoyed your class and learned some new and valuable techniques.

J.D. DePaul University Student

Jennifer thank you for the experience & skills gained while in your course.

R.C. DePaul University Student

Thanks Jennifer! Your insight was tremendous & class was great!

K. K.  DePaul University Student

J. Weggeman,

Thanks for your time and concern. Thank you for all you do, the successful completion of this quarter has been filled with inspiration to be a better student, and an even better person professionally as life happens.

You and your class teachings helped me to think differently while building my confidence.

Thank you!

W.P. DePaul University Student

I just gave both Functional & Chronological resumes to another internal manager, who was actually pleased that I reached out to him! The squeaky wheel gets the oil!!

He told me, “I know what you can do, I’ve seen your work, I know what you’re capable of and I need someone like you on my team.”


R.C. DePaul University Student

It was a pleasure being in your class.  I think I’ve learned some valuable new job search techniques and insight from a professional that I can take into my venture to build a new career. I’m already using some of the information from the textbook … highly informative.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to consulting with you in my new job.
E. A. DePaul University Student

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for inspiring me to toot my own horn!! I really picked up some wonderful tips and ideas in your course. I am happy to know I received an A.  

Thanks again,
D. S. DePaul University Student


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 Client Testimonials

Relocation Clients

Jennifer was a wonderful coach and resource as I pursue employment. She was always available and thoughtful. I thank her and hope that she will continue to be a contact in the future. THANK YOU JENNIFER!!! GREAT JOB!!! 

P.H. Relocation Client

I just wanted to call you and let you know that had the interview yesterday, and I got a job offer from them so the questions that you sent me to prepare for the interview helped me out a lot and I just wanted to thank you for all your help.

K.R. Relocation Client

These are great tips! Jennifer, I appreciate your support and assistance.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Service Evaluation Comment from Relocation Client

Good Morning Jennifer, 
I could not have asked for a better interview yesterday! I felt very good about it. I believe it would be an excellent fit. Two hours later HR called to let me know that the next step would be to check my references. I gave my approval and she has sent me the email with information on this process.

Service Evaluation Comment from Relocation Client

Hi Jennifer, Sorry it has taken so long to follow up.  I will be working as a second grade teacher for a teacher who will be on maternity leave from mid-March through the end of the school year.  I have a promising lead for a position for next year as well.  Thank you for your help in my job search.  Your work on my resume and cover letter have been quite valuable.

Hoping the new year is filled with all the people and things you love,

W.G. Relocation Client

Jennifer has been so great to work with! She’s open, honest and can easily relate to what someone is going through. This makes the person earn her trust quickly and further assist her in helping to target needs. I would certainly recommend her for assisting others.

G. A. Relocation Client

Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for following-up with me.

Again, thank you for assisting me with career advice, support and encouragement.

N.D.W. Relocation Client

Jennifer has been extremely helpful. She is both personal and professional. I appreciate the support she continues to offer as I transition for my husband’s job.

W. G. Relocation Client

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! I think I did really well in the interview. I was completely prepared, relaxed, and myself. Your advice really helped me get into the right frame of mind!

I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Thank you again!

A. M. Relocation Client

“I am excited to take this journey  to find my next wonderful position with a great organization. I am glad that you are my coach. I am in good hands and I am at peace.”

C.W. Relocation Client

I cannot thank you enough for the support to find the right career path for myself.

Relocation Client (Spouse of recently relocated Fortune 50 company employee)

Jennifer Weggeman is a valuable asset and I have truly enjoyed working with her. She has provided me with many tools to help me in my job search. I have learned many new things and felt a new sense of confidence in my abilties. Thank you Jennifer for all of your help and encouragement.

Service Evaluation Comment from Client at Pharmacuetical Company

Jennifer is doing a wonderful job. I enjoy speaking to her and find her knowledge very useful.

Service Evaluation Comment from Client

Jennifer has been extremely helpful in delivering me data bases and knowledge about the area. Her revisions to my resume were excellent and she spotted some errors that even I did not see. I am very happy with everything.

Service Evaluation Comment from Client

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Client Testimonials – Artists, Authors, Coaches, Educators,
Healing Arts Professionals & Entrepreneurs

“Jennifer has a real gift for connecting at deep levels and put words to her insights that are quite remarkable in their accuracy. When she tells you something from that space, it could “all be her imagination” but the words that she uses are the words you know you have used many times in regards to the situation. Jennifer helps you face what deep down you maybe already are aware of but because of emotions are unable to hear yet. If you are ready to face what is in you she is a beautiful instrument of guidance. She is non-judgmental and you feel her unconditional desire to be of service for your highest good. Thank you, Jennifer for sharing your gifts with me.”

L. J. Chiropractor – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Thanks for all the just-in-time readings and constant friendship and support! I love watching your venture FLY!”

D.M. Evanston, IL

“I am very satisfied with our coaching relationship. It has exceeded my expectations, some of the things I didn’t expect are:

  • The quality and assertiveness of our communication
  • Various resources that are full of positive energy (like your readings)

Your interest and participation in some of my projects (Like Haciendas and Casas Rurales) and other things that make me feel we are both benefiting in many ways.

Powerful tools in a beautiful person – thanks so much for your valuable support.”

J.M.I. Zapopan, Mexico

“A wonderful coach, Jennifer is skillful at carefully listening to her clients, at clarifying and simplifying an issue, and on shedding light on practical solutions. It is so easy to work with her – she’s natural communicator and a creative force with a sense of humor. She’s a whiz at mapping out a plan to eliminate obstacles and clear the path forward.

I have benefited from our work together, and I recommend her highly. Must also recommend her Akashic Records readings – inspiring, motivating, and wonderful gift of spirit.”

B.R. Oakland, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you this afternoon and truly appreciate your insights and suggestions. In addition, it was so helpful to brainstorm.

I found myself stopping at red lights scribbling down ideas (and wishing the light would stay red a little longer).”

G.T. Author – Glen Ellyn, IL

“Thanks for coming to my house and writing on my wall. You are a FANTASTIC coach!”

D.R. Elmhurst, IL

“Your weekly help and focus has given me renewed energy and everyone has commented how they can hear the excitement in my voice and know that I can be successful in my new ventures because of the helpful direction you have given me. As an added bonus, after 11 years with my husband I have discovered that a mind map on the wall does wonders for us communicating with each other–talking wasn’t getting through. Thank you so much for inspiring me to pursue my passions (and help me to explain them in a way that my husband fully supports me as well)!!”

K. T. Naperville IL

Hi Jennifer!

Thanks so much for training, developing and motivating my coaching career!

L.M.M.  Coach Training Client

“Jennifer’s coaching process, combined with her energy and passion, make for a winning recipe for identifying vision and developing steps toward achieving professional goals.”

E. G. Coaching Client

I am enjoying my training with you. I feel the training I have had over the past 4 months has really assisted me in my business, and personal life as well. I have been able to make many changes in the way I do things. I see the importance of really listening to my customers, employees, and family too. While I do not try to coach them I am still impressed with what happens when I am actively listening, and truly present.

I am looking to the future with excitement.

P.M. Coaching Client


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