Great Headlines Get Noticed on LinkedIN Profiles

Want to get noticed on LinkedIn and give viewers to your profile and in search results more clarity on what you do?LI Headline

After you make a connection, you are treated to “People You May Know” summary profile page which are usually 2nd or 3rd connections that are somehow linked back to your contacts via the LinkedIn algorithms.

There are dozens of people to connect with, and I find that browsing the visual (pictures), names (people I may recognize) and especially the tag lines or “Headline” is always something I try to do on a regular basis.

When one of those things stand out, I connect with the person!

Boring and not helpful at all:

How about instead:

I’m Hiring Talent at XYZ Company! Apply – LinkedIn or

Expert in changing brains without the need for surgery

Chess Workshops – The ABC Children’s Museum

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