September is International Update Your Resume Month! Have you Updated Yours?

September is all about going back to school, starting fresh, and getting focused after summer fun.

So have you updated your resume lately?  When you are working, you tend to let that go, sometimes for years.  I did the same thing when I was happily working in the travel industry.  But you really need to always have an updated resume so that no matter what happens, you are ready for action!

Here are just two examples:

  1. Someone you meet says they’d like to pass your resume along, can you send them a copy?
  2. Your company CEO just left the country and the stock has tanked due to a scandal or worse.

If you dread looking at that piece of paper that you have to condense onto all the great things that you can do and have accomplished recently, you are definitely not alone.
As we do with so many things, we hire accountants to help with tax preparation and strategies; have music lessons with trained teachers; enjoy a clean house every week or two with a regular cleaning service.

Quick Coach Tip: Outsource tasks that you are not an expert in, or have no passion to do.

The result is you will find that you get things done more effortlessly, crisis situations and hassles are averted, and there is much less drama in your life. You will also free up your time!

Let me help you get the resume check up resolved!  Contact me today and we’ll get it done!

To Your Success,

Coach Jennifer Weggeman