Akashic Record Consultation: Spiritual Solutions Looking Through a Spiritual Lens

Are you someone who says ” I don’t want this….(current experience)” but don’t have the answer for “What do I want…(to be, do or have)?”

What I know to be true is healing guidance, insights about difficult patterns and uplifting states of consciousness are all available in the Akashic Records.

Do you want to know how best to use your unique creative talents, gifts and abilities?

The heart of the Akashic Records provides insight in the most positive way to allow you to serve your highest growth and soul development.

I have been given a gift to share insights from a spiritual perspective that honors and uplifts the soul.  The information is presented to you in a way that you can easily access the power of the words. Non – denominational, all faiths and religious beliefs are honored.

It is time to light the candle of peace and make ourselves whole.

In doing so, we bring joy into our world and release abundant divine source energy.

Spiritual Solutions Looking Through A Spiritual Lens
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Tap into the wisdom of your soul.  See the presence of Spirit and hear it speak to you for your highest good.

Infinite Blessings,

Jennifer Weggeman, M.A.


Spiritual Solutions – Getting to the Heart of the Matter™

Invoke a Clear, Heart-Felt Solution for Any Problem or Opportunity

  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Relationships
  • Creative Expression (Career)

Akashic Record Consultation

Using the Akashic records as a spiritual resource, you can tap into vibrational energy at the heart of the Akashic Records to assist you in attracting the perfect solution for any problem or opportunity. Includes 3- 5 Questions On Above Topics; written consultation provided.

Investment: $100 Individual Consultation
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Foundational 30 Day Road Map is available and recommended to invoke focused action and attention on what is brought to light from the Akashic Record Consultation.

  • Healing Limiting Beliefs
  • Installing & Attracting Wellness
  • Spiritual Support & Accountability

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 Customer Testimonials:

In my case I feel, and I know 100% that I will be able to put into use everything you said in my reading.  Because deep within, I know that those are the things I already knew, but forgotten.  Now I can reconnect to everything you have stated.  I want you to know that even though the information you provided may not be as important or significant in your mind, it is very important and very significant to the recipient.  You are a conduit, a messenger, a helping hand, and those people who need it, will recognize it, as I am recognizing it, every word of it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A.V. Niles, IL

Jennifer is an open channel for reading from the Akashic records. She is so well tuned in that her readings are clear, concise and accurately reflect what I have been consciously and unconsciously thinking and feeling. Her readings help bring me to full consciousness about anything in my life that needs clarification and my full awareness. It’s like looking in a mirror that sees my spirit as well as my body. I find her to be kind, compassionate and extremely competent. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in this kind of work.

B. G. Elmhurst, IL

I used to be in a referral group with Jennifer. However, I became her client last year when I decided to try one of her services called Akashic Records reading. It is a great way to get a professional and spiritual perspective on “what your purpose in life truly is”. I left the experience feeling rejuvinated and more motivated. Jennifer is passionate, personable, and VERY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES!! I would recommend Jennifer to ANYBODY who is wants/needs career, life, or spiritual direction, motivation, or reassurance. She is a true professional.

T.L. Naperville, IL

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