A Month of Sundays


Jennifer Weggeman, M.A. Author Jennifer’s greatest joys come from helping great people successfully navigate transformation through the power of meaningful conversation. By sharing resources, techniques and creative ideas she helps you to move from a place of confusion and separation to a place of lightness and agreement within your soul for a plan of definite action.

Currently a Level One Practitioner of the Pathway Prayer Process at the Center For Akashic Studies, she continues her spiritual development work into the Heart of the Akashic Records, recently completing Ordinary Life from an Extraordinary Perspective Independent Study.

She has offered Akashic Record Coaching and Consultations as a resource for her clients seeking personal, business and spiritual solutions since 2005 to an international audience.

Tapping into her own Akashic Records, A Month of Sundays Volume One –
30 Inspirational Affirmations written in the Language of Spirit,
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Her website portal and blog www.EdgeofYourGreatness.com supports her mission:  to help everyone who wants a coach to have one.

A student of the Science of Mind for over 15 years, her continuing studies in spiritual psychology lead to peace, love, harmony and joy. She has completed spiritual practitioner accredited classes with Rev. Mary Herman and the late Dr. Don Burt. In July 2005, she attended an annual week long retreat and conference at Asilomar and received the vision of creating a teaching & wellness support center.

Now in alignment with the vision, as Director at the Triple Spiral Center she creates and oversees live and virtual events to support lifelong learning. Triple Spiral Center, a global learning mastery center offering Earth friendly virtual events and specialized learning packages on career, wellness and spirit for individuals, groups and teams ready for creative opportunities and action.

A teacher of creative problem solving ideas and a coach/facilitator/speaker attracting teams, organizations, wellness & healing arts professionals, creative artists, ministers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, tech geeks, inventors, moms, coaches, teachers as well as anyone interested in their personal or professional development, she supports her customers to explore, discover, creatively communicate and package their talents, gifts and expertise through affordable, accessible techniques and resources.

Currently an instructor for universities she is designing and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on career success skills, coaching and leadership strategies for effective organizations.

Jennifer received her Master of Arts degree from DePaul University at the School for New Learning with a focus area on Coaching and Leading Groups to Design and Develop Programs, Products and Packages to Sell. Her professional background includes working with a large network of executive leaders in corporate, government, not for profit and entrepreneurial organizations for over 25 years.