Do You Want To Cope Or Create?

Do You Want To Respond Or React?

Do You Want Reasons …..Or Results?

What is Holding You Back?
Discover how working with a Professional Career and Business Success Coach with over 15 years of experience can help you achieve your goals!

Private Coaching Sessions
To go forward to confirm your 30 Day Road Map Private Coaching Sessions with Coach Jennifer Weggeman, you need to complete the Pay Pal payment process. When this is complete, notification will be received and you will be contacted and have confirmed appointment times with in 24 hours.

30 Day Road Map – How Does This Work?
Based on initial collaborative coaching conversation, YOU will determine the focus of your 30 Day Road Map with support from Coach Jennifer Weggeman. For each client, it may be very unique.

Custom, private and confidential sessions are for you to grow, learn and develop to assist you in reaching your goals. Within 30 days, you will have a plan of action, and a clear, defined focus on the steps to take to get to your desired outcome.

Confused or Stuck? Not Sure on Next Steps to Take?
The transformation that occurs when you invest in YOU involves a shift from an experience of fear or lack to one of an abiding inner peace, a sense that all is well, and a trust in the unfolding process of life.

What is Coaching? Why do I need a Coach?
Just as top professional athletes and executives seek the highest performance levels, many life and career experiences can be improved or transformed with the objective support of a Coach. Consider where top executives, athletes and other top performers in their fields would be if they had not had a Coach in their corner.

Benefits of Having Your Own Professional Coach & Why It Works

  • Clarify, Simplify and Attract Goals
  • Co-Design Strategy
  • Serve As a Trusted Mentor
  • Ensure Accountability with Regular Check – In
  • Focus Efforts on Goal Achievement
  • Identify “Reasons” As Barriers & Help You Overcome Obstacles
  • Provide Objective Feedback
  • Achieve Integration In All Parts of Your Life
  • Help You Get Faster Results! It Works.


Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? ~Rumi